Less checking, more thinking

All that checking isn’t helping.

No need to read that piece of news now. Maybe ever.

That email? Deal with it later. It is quicker to deal with them in groups anyway.

And, those notifications don’t care if you check them. They’re just designed to for you to keep coming back. Few things of consequence ever happened because a notification lit up.

But, checking is, unquestionably, the norm. The instinct of our times is to pull out a phone whenever there is a spare moment. It is part of the illusion of productivity. And, thanks to attention residue, it probably costs us more than we think.

Scarcity is generally a good indicator of value. There already exists a lot of checking in our time. And, we are in dire need of more thinking and more engaging. While it feels like an excuse for engaging, it gets in the way more often than not.

Let scarcity point the way. Less checking, more thinking, and more engaging.