The full decision making LearnoGraphic – The 200 words project

This is a re-post of sorts. I’m hopeful it falls under the category of “so good that I have to post it twice.” However, I understand that this does sound very self-flattering. I am sorry about that. After the sort of effort it took to make it (hat tip to our talented illustrator, EB, who deserved the lion share of the credit), I must admit I feel less guilty about sharing ‘it again again as a part of the 200 words project. :-)

As some of the regular readers might know, we call this a “LearnoGraphic” (you heard it here first!) as it is a summary of one of our favorite books.  This is inspired by “Decisive” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

At the LearnoGraphics project, we believe that our progress as a species occurs when we find, build and share great ideas. Books are a big source of learning and ideas and we’ve embarked on a mission to spread ideas from our favorite books. We are hoping to share one LearnoGraphic every quarter – it is an ambitious goal as these take a lot of work in synthesis and illustration. This quarter’s LearnoGraphic is on “Decision Making” and a few of these ideas will hopefully sound familiar from previous 200 words project notes. We will explore other ideas in depth too in the coming weeks.

<Please click the image to open – for some reason, I’m unable to display it in full size>

Decision Making Learnographic

The “Decisive” LearnoGraphic – A pictorial guide to making better decisions

Chip and Dan Heath published a fantastic book on decision making called “Decisive.”

We loved it so much that we spent many hours discussing it and summarizing it. Creating a “LearnoGraphic” felt like a natural next step.

Do check it out and do let us know what you think.


We hope you find it useful!