KLM and flying responsibly

The CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines wrote a remarkable letter asking its customers to “fly responsibly.” An excerpt –

We’re in this together. We work hard to get things right, but all parties involved need to join forces to create a sustainable future. All stakeholders in the aviation industry, all corporations in any industry. And yes, all air travelers too. What can you do, in addition to carefully considering your travel plans?

It is a remarkable message coming from the CEO of an airline and one that is great to see. It is part of a growing push among folks in Europe to replace flights with trains and means of transport with lower carbon footprints – inspired by a growing awareness on the climate crisis.

I expect the cost of flying to go up over time as we all realize the true cost of flying – with the negative externalities priced in. In the meanwhile, it will be fascinating to see if more airlines follow up with similar messages.