Sometimes things go wrong..

without you playing any part..

I was called for my cluster cleaning and said I’d be there in 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, all my food that was bought to help my stomach get better + food gotten from home and kept with so much care were all thrown out. Forget the money – if you are a lover of food, you would realize the value of delicious home made recipes..

All gone.. before I knew it. Its like a tragedy..

Indeed, sh*t happens..

Take time off..

to eat your food..alone..without reading/listening to a book..without talking to anyone else..without the show on the television/computer.. just you and your food..try a rendezvous..

This was the first thing that the attender at my school at home told me when I went back to school this time around. He told me to focus on my food and eat and said the difference in health would be stunning..

Truly wise.. Thanks to you Ismail! :)

When you’re told to take a break..

when things are not going good.. take a break!

I’m referring to the one God told me to take a few days ago(regarding my stomach..). ;) But hey, when I did take the break yesterday by eating easily digestible food(see list 2 posts below) , things are already looking up.

On another note, this might happen when things are going wrong. Similar situations at work when you just find yourself amidst a whole cascade of screw ups without any idea of how it actually started..and then your boss comes up to you and says – take a break.. go sleep! and boy, are we tempted to be heroic and say – no no, its fine.. i’ll work harder! Believe me, there are times it works.. but at other times, respect the words of the higher authority.. :D

When you play middle man..

make sure you get something out of it. Think of the common situation when a friend comes up and says – ‘hey.. do you know anyone who might wanna buy tickets to this movie for a discounted rate as am not going and looking to sell them off..’. And there you go – messaging or calling up a bunch of friends and eventually you find a person willing. An example of a win-win situation. Everyone is happy..

But, hey, what about you? I don’t buy altruism. I have been accused of having a very cynical view of the world at times(yes, at times..!:)) but hey, what’s the benefit of creating this win-win – making a friend happy etc. Some might say that’s the point. Do something good but lets escalate this to a multi million dollar deal. Imagine you were the middle man here and help a friend gain 100 million dollars in investment. Still happy to play the altruist?

Solution: Structure a success fee and implement it for ALL deals!

I learnt this when I connected a friend to a guy selling cheap F1 tickets for 55 dollars. Both were happy and then I just sent a message to the ticket seller guy saying hey- how about giving me 5 bucks and the guy called up and said- why didn’t you ask at first? I would have priced it at 60!

Voila! So simple..

Anyway, if you just realized you should have done this, its fine – do it next time. Atleast get an assurance from your happy friend that he has a treat lined up from you.. So, I’m hoping he keeps his end of the deal for now! :)

When you get feedback from people..

take it! That’s step 1. Thank them for it and then think of what’s to be done.

When it is from people who really care and would(in your judgement) generally say things that make sense(i.e. have sufficient IQ), make sure you do something about it.. especially when it actionable feedback.

The difference between being proactive or not is the often the difference between ‘gaining’ and ‘losing’ a person..

In case you have acidity, burping and stomach discomfort..

Here are the lists of what should not be eaten.

Don’t’s – Anything citrus – grapes, oranges, apples etc, no grams or dhalls(when its indian food, it translates to every ‘curry’), no meat(chicken, mutton etc), no cabbage and cauli flower, definitely no potato. Stay away from favorites like mayonnaise, cheese, butter and anything oily. And no coffee!

So, I asked my mom the predictable question – what can I eat?

Do’s – Tea. Fish(as long as it is not fried.. yeah, that’s right! coz fried fish has oil Einstein). Curd(mixed with a lot of water) and rice. And salt is ok. Milk is good. Most of all, water, bananas and lots of grass…

PS: I am kidding about the grass. That’s not allowed either..

When you get sick..

its God’s way of saying – ‘Dude! Chill. Give your body a break..’

and you better take the hint. I was heroically trying to ignore my stomach behaving like a motor car with serious fuel issues and its ended up in me missing a cool experience to ride out into the sea today..

Always good to be sensitive to hints.. especially from ze one above.. :D

Winning the battle.. losing the war..

Just read a nice story about a sage who had an argument with a King on who should cross a bridge first. Eventually, he was incensed enough to curse the king to turn into a demon and the demon ended up eating the sage..

At soccer today, I was caught in a dilemma playing with an aggressive amateur learning the ropes. Every time I got the ball, the guy lunged.. And I learnt my lesson in soccer when I fell and tore a bit of my chin. I can’t forget the hard words I got from a friend who said the smartest footballers are the ones who don’t get hurt.. They are the ones who manage to stay fit and keep at after game.. So, here I was, trying to be the good guy and had a nice word with our lunging hero and the guy lost it on me. And I was half tempted to lose it as well.. and then stopped myself as the whole point of playing soccer was to have fun.. I’d win the battle maybe.. and lose the war..

You see, In the final analysis, it was between me and the ball anyway..


Give people space..


let them be.. if they want to talk, don’t worry – they will..

If they give you hints that they need time alone.. let them be.. unless you are so dead sure that they are in some sort of trouble and need you to save them..(yeah..only when it gets that heroic..)

else.. let people be.. they’ll be fine. they have been without you and me for so many years now, haven’t they?