Remembering Timon and Pumba..

The last 4 days have been a blur of activity. They’ve had more difficult conversations than I think I’ve had for the whole of the past year, there’s been lots of change and lots of hard work and sleep-walking thanks to a messed up body clock and general lack of sleep. It’s one of those times when events happen so much in a blur that it often takes days, weeks and even months to digest what really happened.

And as I’m heading back home for a couple of days today, I am reminded of Timon and Pumba’s conversation with Simba (from ‘The Lion King‘ – (I don’t remember which one of them says it)

………….the way I see it. You can run from it or learn from it

And that’s amazingly true as well. Even in a time of intense activity (read crisis), there is always opportunity for unprecedented growth, perhaps more than ever. And it’s up to us to grab that opportunity.

And what’s more, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

And if you don’t see it yet, it’s probably just that the tunnel is longer than you thought!