Most of us reading this have been blessed..

with a great body.. well.. fully functional and working eyes atleast..given that you are reading this.. he he.. :D (And yes, that is even if you are wearing glasses..)

well.. on a serious note, this body of ours can so easily fall apart just like a great machine whose joints are not oiled regularly, cleaned every day etc..
basically..before I start sounding like our moms..(who do make more sense than we think they do.. ;)) its imperative that we take care.. lots of it..
because repair costs are expensive..


Heath Ledger(RIP) played among the better individual performances as The Joker in The Dark Knight than any I have seen. I still remember every instant he appeared in the movie..

There is this time he says(not exactly quoted) – ‘You see, these civilized people, their faith,principles etc.. vanish at the first sign of trouble’..

This is a part of a wonderful exchange with the Batman and this sentence struck me. A very strong statement but a bitter truth of sorts..

I was just relating it to faith. I have always felt that every time I am unwell, I always wonder what my throat/stomach would be like when its all ok. And at that point, I used to look up to the one above and wonder.. The funny part is that I realized that I used to do this only when things were not working – when they were, I didnt quite care..

until recently..


We generally fall ill..

when we are stressed out..

Mental stress=physical illness..

Suddenly, we can’t seem to get enough sleep. Anything less than 6-8 hrs of sleep gives us headaches, throat aches appear out of nowhere.. classic signs of stress.

The only cure=belief..

Sometimes..just sometimes..

It is a nice feeling to just clean your mind of all stuff – work, targets etc etc..

and sit down in a cool room, plug music in your ear and start this case..working on code.. battling sleep..with a good food break in between..
Lets see if it produces the required results though..

Keep clapping..

You don’t always get the right sound.. 

its more helpful clapping again rather than contemplating why you didn’t make the right sound..
you’re only gonna get better by clapping again anyway..