Install Disqus on your blog – Please

I first saw Disqus on a friend’s blog and was pretty impressed by it’s easy of use. I wasn’t convinced enough to change purely thanks to inertia. Over time, I started following Mark Suster and Fred Wilson (both of whose names should be familiar to readers in this community ) and both strongly recommend Disqus as the best tool to build a community.

Given they are leading investors in technology AND leading bloggers, I guess it is okay to assume that they would know this space.
So, please go ahead and install Disqus on your blog – NOW. Make it easier for readers to comment on your blog and make it easier for them to feel part of the community your blog is (unintentionally or intentionally) building.
The AVC community has me very inspired. It’s nice to go back there every single day, comment and read comments from others in the community on the latest little nugget that Fred posts. It’s active, focused on learning and very inspiring, especially as a blogger, for that is exactly what I envision on ALearningaDay in the years ahead – dozens of active community members sharing their own learnings, thoughts on posts and inspiring each other. A true learning movement – built by us.
The encouraging part is that Fred has built it one post a day over 8 years now. That’s great as well.. for ALearningaDay in here for the long haul. Given we are 3 years old now, we still have 5 years to go.

I am hopeful we will get there together. J