No real time to let go..

There are times when we have to let people go, sometimes its people at work, sometimes friends and close relatives..
We can try, try real hard – at times never give up and be of help. There are just times when we have to let go, and let people find their way much as we’d like to help them. Can anyone define a lost cause? In my limited experience, there is no specific time.. its a feeling thing!

Always listen to experience..


We were casually talking about going to buy some electronic goods on a different side of town. Immediately, my grandpa quipped that we better take care of our pockets and guard against pickpockets. So, we just nodded and went ahead.. and it did turn out that the first piece of advice we got from a common friend was to guard against pickpockets.

Difficult to explain this learning but its just that my grandfather’s quip was probably coming from his experience 20 years or so ago and his common sense just told him that it d still be the same. As youngsters, we often tend to scoff this advice with the ‘things aren’t how they used to be..’ but it was one of 2 similar experiences today when the experience really showed..

Even if we dont agree, it is definitely good to listen!

Means? or ends?

This is probably the most profound yet perennial philosophical questions of all time – is it about the end objective or is it also about how we get there?
In some ways, its just like we are expected to get results when we are at work and in most cases, its the results that matter but I guess the question to be asked is what gives us more satisfaction. Let’s take a simple case where we have a target we will take years to achieve – maybe it is that we will be really happy when we achieve it but if we see the journey to it to be all about getting to that end, then we miss the journey..
That’s my learning. There are lots of people who get good results etc but very few enjoy the process..

When things get really hard..

sometimes, just sometimes, its really good to take a break..

never true most of the time. Most of the times problems are solved by working much harder but again..sometimes.. its good to take some time off..

The simplest rules are to work double harder when in crisis and undo the inevitable screw ups but as I’ve seen many times in the past – a break tends to change the mindset. So breaks are good..once in a while.. :)

Thank you..

Well.. there are so many small times when we take things for granted – like when someone says ‘I’ll search for the thing you asked and see if it is available’ and we nod and continue the conversation..

forgetting to thank them! Trying hard to be conscious of it, and make it a habit!

Diving deep..

Jack Welch – in his autobiography ‘Straight from the Gut’ reminds us time and again of how he solved many a problem by diving deep. By this meant, he picked up an issue and went really deep until he found satisfactory answers..

However, to me, it would mean – taking a simple thing and diving deep and making it the best in the world. That would mean something as simple as a cleaning system for my room – or a task list system or a system of keeping up to date with daily news. I have immense difficulty visiting news sites and I have recently found that email feeds are a simple way of keeping in touch with whats happening in the outside world! The point is I need to help make these systems so I can improve myself, make my own life simpler and gradually try and make many others’ lives simpler as well..

Its an attitude thing..very similar to the ‘Every day I get better’ concept.. again easy to imagine and talk about – tough to do!

always tough..never impossible..


Share Mistakes..

Lets remember Thomas Edison who failed 999 times before he made the light bulb. When he did present it to the media, a reporter asked him how he had managed to persevere to so many failures. The great man replied – ‘I did not fail 999 times, I just discovered 999 ways how not to make a light bulb..’

If we discovered ways of how not to do something, let’s share so the others discover more such ways and maybe..just maybe..we’d make something just as fantastic as the light bulb..