Confessions of a serial blogger..

It takes a certain period of time before I feel part of a community, I think. It’s taken in excess of a 1000 posts for me to feel part of this one..

What does happen to me is I’m generally fiercely proud of any community I am a part of, whether it be my university, my schools etc.. what is life without passion after all? :D

2 incidents took place that got me to write these thoughts –

-> I was excitedly telling a friend about the ‘Success breeds success‘ story and he remarked ‘Seems like your blog keeps you going!’.. and it’s true, this blog does add a lot to life.. :)
-> Kian Leong, a classmate, just created his new blog ‘Lessons learnt, experiences gained‘ and as I was excitedly welcoming him to ‘blogosphere’, I realized I’d become ‘it’.. ‘it’ being a serial blogger, a part of the community..

Here are a few ‘confessions’ per se –

-> Firstly, my views are obviously biased and will definitely not be the points of view of the community as a whole. However, I’d hazard a guess that a few of these sentiments would be shared by many others as well..

-> Your comments are ALWAYS appreciated. There’s a reason we create blogs. Take this blog for example, while its primary purpose is to make sure I am seeing the glass constantly half full by extracting learnings out of every situation, the other big purpose is to add value to your life.

-> Yes, Google Analytics does give me the truth and tell me that there are 100 or even 1000 people reading the blog every day, but your comments are the surest sign that you are reading these posts and they help keep the morale up, greatly! Atleast, in the early days.. :)

-> Both positive feedback and points of improvement work well. We all have to get better and its good to know if some posts are too strong or too biased. Spite doesn’t help, though. We can do better than that, no?

-> I read this lovely take on a ‘Photographer’. This one’s taken off Satya Saya’s Notes, who in had shared a note from his friend, Gerald Tay. It’s called Unsung

I am a collector of memories.

Reading light, the ability to perceive, perfect timing – These are my traits as a lensman. I have honed my craft over the years, but alas, the memories I’ve collected are not mine.

Though I put a part of my soul into creating each image, the intricate link that binds viewer and photographer has been cast aside. The viewer, the purveyor of images, has neglected the role of the photographer.

I may not have made a Nobel Prize discovery, nor performed heroics that generations will sing praise of, but I am proud to be part of a group of unsung heroes; Men who labour relentessly to collect memories, all so that others may reminiscence the times of old.

Dear friend, the next time you see an image that takes your breath away, pause, and take a moment to remember the photographer. The man who made it possible, the solitary collector of memories.

I think it’s very apt to bloggers as well. We are all(in my view atleast) giving you something to relate to in some small way.

Some of us write poetry – and enthrall those who love it..
Some of us write our own short stories – entertaining you and inspiring you to reconnect with your your own creative side..
Some others share our lives experiences – hoping we would find more friends who relate, who understand..
Yet some others share learnings and try in small ways to make the world a better place by jotting down little learnings and thoughts that inspire us..

At the end of the day, it’s a way of expression..
to remind us that there are many who share similar, thoughts, feelings..
to remind us that we all share many things in common..
to inspire, motivate and give us something to smile about..
lest we forget.. that life is a gift..
A gift not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away..

Taking inspiration from Satya and Gerald, I’ll take the liberty (rather shamelessly) to quote them, with a few edits of course..

Dear friend, the next time you see a a blog post that fills you with joy, gives you some much needed inspiration or just makes you smile, pause, and take a moment to remember the blogger. The person who made it possible, a collector of musings.

With due thanks to Satya(for sharing), and Gerald for writing this piece of genius! :)

Thank you!

As always, your comments are much appreciated! :)

Signing off..
A blogger, and proud of it! :D