It’s my life

A few truths I’ve learnt over time, at random.

We always have more choice than we think we do.

‘I can’t’ is an excuse.

There is a space between something that happens to us and our response. And, in that space, lies our growth, learning and happiness.

Live like you’ll die by midnight, I realize, is flawed. It’s short term. ‘Live Today’ is more like it.

Life is short. We need a reminder of this fact every once in a while. There’s too much negativity flying around.

Don’t worry too much about the markets. In the big scheme of things, these fluctuations will even out.

A down market is actually okay. That’s exactly where we ‘learners’ can differentiate ourselves  by staying positive, finding upsides and doing great work.

Character matters a heck of a lot more than reputation.

Seek counsel.

Mistakes don’t matter. Creative, constructive and corrective responses do.

Doing one thing at the time shows true mastery over the moment.

Replace ‘or’ with ‘and’ whenever possible. Leadership AND management. Great work AND great life. Work AND play. Love AND friendship…

At the end of the day, we travel alone. That said, having a bunch of great fellow travellers with whom we can have conversation makes the journey worth it.

The juice is generally worth the squeeze.

Failure is the best thing that will likely happen to us.

Hanging out once in a while with people who push us and make us feel uncomfortable is essential.

Eating well helps. A lot.

Life is never perfect. This moment, however, is a different matter.

Playing games and exercising keeps us young.

Love is not the greatest force in the world. Fear is.

That said, love is the most beautiful force in the world.

‘Please’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank You’ matter.

Dressing for success is practical. We are creatures of first impressions.
Competition with others is bullshit. That’s like pitting eagles and horses in a swimming contest.

We can be happy. There doesn’t need to be discontentment.

Happiness lies within.

The success is the journey and a great present moment.

Learning doesn’t come in modules. We can learn from everything.

Most things are like marathons. We have to put one foot after another till we get to the end.

Dogs are gifts from God.

We realize family’s worth only when we fall really sick.

That’s when we thank god for a wonderful body too.

Not everybody can ‘do what they love’ every single day of their lives. They can, however, save some energy to do what they love every single day of their lives.

Hugs matter.

Feeling connected matters too.

Relationships are not like they are in the movies. They actually take work.

We do get better everyday. It’s just a matter of focusing on the right things.

Money doesn’t buy class.

Money doesn’t buy happiness either. It does help though.

Surrounding ourselves with people who pull us up helps.

Yoda is right. We often fail because we don’t believe… in ourselves.

Being a hero adds a lot to our life.

Doing our best matters.

Winning does, too. Especially in those things that matter to us.. and in a few things that don’t.

Have fun. Remembering that your definition of fun likely varies from others.

Everyone has a different path to happiness.

Judging others doesn’t help. At all.

Seeking to understand does.

Master Shifu is right. Inner peace matters.

We need organization and creativity.

The world is our family.

Most situations just require a change in perspective.

We are biased. And we operate through these biases. It’s what makes us human.

Loving the person in the mirror matters more than most other things in the world.

Doing great work makes us happy.

Charity does too.

We can choose to live life as an inspiration.

We can choose to be the best we can be.

We can choose to be happy.

We can choose to make the rest of our life average, or memorable.

So, what is it going to be?

It’s my life..