Generative AI as productivity technology

A question I’ve been asking myself over the past months is – how should I think about generative AI’s impact on what I do? A simple mental model I’ve been using is that generative AI’s best applications seem to be for productivity vs. matching.

So I don’t expect generative AI to change how Uber matches drivers and riders for example. But it is great for saving time by reducing grunt work (planning travel, creating checklists, parsing documents) or getting a jumpstart on creative tasks – e.g., creating a presentation.

This is an early mental model and I’m sure there are many holes/caveats. But it’s been helpful in thinking about the kinds of tasks generative AI can help automate.

I’m of course all ears if any of you have better ones. If you see this over email, please just hit reply. And if you’re reading this elsewhere, please just send me a note on rohan[at]rohanrajiv[dot]com.