Voting with their feet and rooftops

15 years ago, South Australia’s energy mix was driven primarily by coal and gas. Then, the world started paying attention to a revolution driven by its citizens – rooftop solar installations began taking off toward the middle of the last decade.

Rooftop solar is unique – it is modular and easily incorporated into existing infrastructure. And, like all great energy innovations, it gives power to the people (in this case, literally). And the people of South Australia voted for this with their feet… and their rooftops.

As a result of this and investments in wind energy, the share of energy in South Australia is now 80% renewables. That is an insanely fast transition that shows us what is possible. During the summer (ending February), rooftop solar often powered over 90% of the total demand (more here).

A similar movement might be happening in China too. Additional capacity from Rooftop solar in China in 2022 was more than the USA, Germany, and the UK combined.

Fascinating to watch a once-in-a-lifetime energy transition unfold.