Fitness, resilience, constructiveness, and perspective

I’ve been thinking of all of these ideas a lot recently – fitness, resilience, constructiveness, and perspective.

Fitness is the starting point. If we don’t feel good, we won’t get much done.

Resilience comes next. When we attempt to do things, we will inevitably face setbacks. The bigger the attempts, the bigger the setbacks. Resilience is what sees us through.

Constructiveness is what moves us from surviving something with resilience to thriving. It inspires us to build from the bricks we have around us – some of which may even have been thrown in our direction. :-)

And perspective helps us remain aware of and grateful for all our blessings – many of which we frequently take for granted.

The powerful thing about all 4 of these ideas is they cannot be taught. Lectures on perspective or fitness don’t help. It is why kids make fun of stories about their parent’s struggles.

They are learnt and earned from experience and self-reflection.