Vocal exercises

2 years ago, Seth shared a post titled “Finding your voice.” I took two things away from that post –

(1) Given how often we use our voice, we need to make sure we pay attention to it. And I hadn’t spend any time thinking about how I could take care of my voice.

(2) I found this video with two simple exercises to strengthen our voice. I committed to doing them every morning.

Up until then, I had a habit of clearing my throat during meetings as I felt my voice fail me over the course of a day or week. I did this a few times every hour on some days.

Since I started doing these exercises in Jan 2022, I think I’ve reduced how often I do that by over 95%. It has become so minimal now that it stands out on days I do it. For instance, I missed my vocal exercises on a day this week and I found myself clearing my throat a few times in a meeting in the morning.

Game changing.

I’m amazed I didn’t pay attention to this habit of clearing the throat. Maybe it felt small enough to be inconsequential? I’m amazed by the transformative power of a small change in my morning routine.

The small things are the big things.

PS: Thanks, Seth!