Being hyper aware of what to avoid

One of the fascinating challenges with leading a group is that you quickly become hyper aware of all the things you shouldn’t do. Assuming you’re checking in with the group from time to time, you’re going to soon have a long list of things to avoid.

The challenge, then, is to be aware of that and still focus your time and energy on the things you should do. The stuff that matters. The stuff that helps the team win… and in the long run feel better about the challenges, change, and discomfort everyone is working through.

It is a delicate balance as you have to work through being open to feedback, making changes as needed to the plan, and, yet, resolute in doing the hard things.

You have to be willing to take the criticism and the heat in the short term to ensure you’re doing what you think will be right in the long term.

And you have to resist the temptation to prioritize your time and energy based on avoidance and pain and instead do so based on wholeness and possibility.