Stepping on my glasses

I was in a hurry recently. I was wearing contact lenses and figured I’d take my glasses along. So I quickly folded my frame and put it on my T-shirt on my neck.

As I moved quickly, the glasses almost fell off.

But I caught them. Close call. And a sign from the universe?

A few minutes later, they fell off again as I bent down to do something. This time, I wasn’t so lucky and just stepped on them.

That hurt. Sentiment aside, they’ve been a great companion over the past 3 years. I’m hopeful the optometrist will be able to get things back in order.

And of course all this hassle was completely avoidable.

2 reflections –

(1) I should have taken the hint when they nearly fell the first time. After all, if you don’t have the time to do it right now, do you expect to have the time to do it right later?

(2) Hurry is often all about speed, not velocity. The minute I shaved from not getting a spectacle case was never going to be consequential.

It is always better to focus on making progress in the right direction. Most things aren’t worth over optimizing.