10 questions – Annual Reflection 2022

The 10 question annual reflection is a longstanding ALearningaDay tradition. I recommend doing it in 3 steps:

i) Carve out an hour in the coming days to “look back and look forward.” It helps to do this in a quiet place with no distractions or interruptions.

ii) Work with a list of 10 questions that make you think. For a starter list, I’ve shared the 10 questions I asked myself below (also available to print as a doc or PDF by downloading from this folder).

iii) Archive your questions and notes for next year. Check in with them over the course of the year and read them before you start next year’s reflection. Looking at what was top-of-mind a few years later is also guaranteed to make you grin. :-)

10 Questions – Annual Reflection 2022

1. What are the top 2 themes/memories/moments I will remember 2022 for? 

2. What were the 2 biggest lessons I learnt in 2022?

3. We learn from a mix of 3 sources – i) taking action and reflecting on our experiences, ii) people, and iii) books/courses or synthesized information. What did my mix look like in 2022? What would I do differently in 2023? 

i) Action + reflection:

ii) People:

iii) Books/synthesized info:

4. Looking back at how I spent my time in 2022, what were the top 2-3 themes/buckets x processes/outcomes I prioritized (Examples: Career – prioritized ABC project or getting a raise, Health – prioritized more outdoor exercise or losing 10 pounds)? Did what I prioritize align with what I intended to prioritize/were there any surprises? 

5. What are the top 2 themes/buckets x processes/outcomes I intend to prioritize in 2023? 

6. What do I most need to learn in 2023 and how do I plan to do this? 

7. What are habits/checkpoints I have in place to recommit to my priorities? (E.g. weekly/monthly check in)

8. What have I got planned in 2023 to prioritize renewal and memorable experiences (e.g. holiday plans, weekend activities, hobbies)?

9. Health, money, and relationships are foundational to the quality of our lives on this planet. What are my guiding principles or habits as I think of these dimensions in 2023?




10. Do I have a personal philosophy, a set of principles or virtues that I want to live my life by? If not, would I consider putting together a first version?

And, if I do have them, what have I learnt about them in my attempts to live them? Do I plan to evolve them in 2023?


  • “What I value” can be a way of stating our personal philosophy/principle. 
  • Virtues are values we actually embody. Inspired by the code of the Samurais, the difference is what we believe (values) vs. what we do (virtues).
  • Our values become virtues when living them costs us money, time, or something valuable]