The wisest mind (with a catch)

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.” – George Santayana

This quote suggests that even the most knowledgeable and intelligent individuals have room for growth and development. It reminds us that learning is a lifelong process, and that we should always be open to new ideas and experiences. By staying curious and humble, we can continue to learn and grow, and become wiser over time.

The catch? This post was written by Artificial Intelligence.

I’ve been sharing a learning/observation every day for over 14 years on my blog. Even so, there are days when I find myself scraping the bottom of the barrel thinking of something useful to write.

After the mind-blowing experience of playing with Open AI’s Chat GPT however, I’m beginning to wonder if those days are history. Getting a new quote every time I asked “can you share something wise?” made for an incredible product experience.

Goodbye writer’s block? (and welcome all sorts of unintended consequences)