The coldest village on earth

We watched a YouTube video about a day in the coldest village on earth. It was an amazing watch with some vivid images.

  • Using melted ice first thing in the morning to brush and freshen up – there is no running water as pipes freeze at -40+ degree Fahrenheit
  • School only opens when it is <-40 degrees (!)
  • Kids can only walk outside 10 minutes at a time in the extreme cold and have to be fully covered from head to toe – with the risk of death looming every day
  • Having to run out of the house in the freezing cold to use the bathroom
  • Learning to fend for yourself every step of the way – e.g., learning to fish after drilling holes in the ice.
  • Parents spoke of their wish for their kids to get educated and leave for better paying jobs.

As much as it was a great video for our kids, it was also a wonderful reminder for me about the privilege and comfort I take for granted every day.

More than I realize.