Moving from anxiety to action

I was feeling weighed down by a few things the other day. So I took some time later in the day to write down what these were.

It turns out I was anxious about 4 things. Of these, 2 were completely out of my control. 1 of them was 90% out of my control – but there was one small action I could take to make progress (I did).

And the final thing needed to be solved over the course of the next few weeks. But it was a good nudge to think proactively about what I needed to do to give it the best chances of success.

Until I wrote these down, I was dealing with unnamed fears. It reminded me of the Master Yoda quote – “Named your fears must be before banish them, you can.”

Naming these fears helped me better understand which ones were in my control vs. not. It is why problems well stated are problems half solved.

Taking the time to define problems right moves us from anxiety to action… to progress.