The stick-on number plate holder

I was attempting to put one of those stick-on number plate holders in front of our car a while back.

After spending a few seconds optimizing the alignment, I stuck it on. However, just as I did so, my hands tilted left. The number plate holder wasn’t perfectly horizontal as a result – there was a slight angle.

I stared at it realizing I had a choice to make. I could spend an hour or some money attempting to straighten it. Or I could let it go and just move on.

I chose the latter.

A few months later, I can confirm that I don’t notice the number plate holder or think about its imperfect angle since*.

Pick what you want to optimize. Let the rest go.

Works with number plate holders.

And life.

*When I did notice it today, I found myself appreciating the lesson the process of choosing not to fix the imperfection taught me. :-)