When there is doubt

I had shared a quote a few months ago from Frank Slootman that I was reflecting on today.

Years ago, I used to hesitate and wait situations out, often trying to fix underperforming people or products instead of pulling the plug. Back then I was seen as a much more reasonable and thoughtful leader — but that didn’t mean I was right. As I got more experience, I realized that I was often just wasting everybody’s time. If we knew that something or someone wasn’t working, why wait? As the saying goes, when there is doubt, there is no doubt.” | Frank Slootman, Amp It Up

Frank Slootman is the CEO of Snowflake and previously scaled both ServiceNow and Data Domain – a rare 3x successful CEO. The insight and experience buried in this quote resonated deeply when I first heard it in April. However, as I’ve been reflecting on it some more, my appreciation has continued to grow.

If it isn’t working, make the call.

When there is doubt, there is rarely any doubt.