Big kids, bullies, and power

Our kids encountered a couple of bigger kids at a park who were intent on giving them a hard time. They were at a water fixture and the kids made it a point to keep forcibly splashing water on them.

And, despite a couple of “please stop” from the two of them, they didn’t. So, the only remaining option was to leave the fixture – which they did.

We’ve talked a bit about the idea of bullying over the years. At 4 and 6, they’ve been sheltered enough to not experience it too many times. But we’re aware that these kinds of experiences will happen more often as they experience life in school and on the playground. It is – for good and bad – part and parcel of growing up.

I was reminded of a quote from Michelle Obama’s book when we were talking about this yesterday – “Bullies are scared people hiding inside scary people.”

It is wonderfully deep and powerful. And it is an idea that flows across many animated movies as well – so it is relatable for kids as well.

That and an idea we always talk about when they experience these sorts of things. Just remember how bad it feels to be treated this way. And make sure you don’t do it when you have the opportunity to do so when you’re the big kid.

Both ideas are just as applicable to adults as they are with kids.

Power just shows itself in different ways when we get older.