Walking every day

We’re all walking every day on this journey we call life.

Some days, the terrain is uphill.

On others, the terrain is downhill.

Both present different kinds of challenges. Going downhill, for example, feels great. But it also strains our ankles.

On some days, the terrain feels uphill. And on others, it feels downhill.

So much of our ability to make progress in this life lies in our willingness to just show up and keep walking – regardless of the nature of the terrain and how we feel on any given day.

Our discipline, mental fortitude, and ability to keep perspective help us transcend these variables and extenuating circumstances – both of which are ever present.

They help us find the strength we need to pick our direction and keep walking.

And then show up again tomorrow regardless of how good or bad today was or felt.

It is harder than it sounds.

But then again, life is difficult.

It is only when we accept this truth do we learn to transcend it.