The “Breaking down a” series

Lindsay Brownell and Zach Frechette had a fascinating article on The Collaborative Fund’s blog titled “Breaking Down A Tesla.”

They started with 2 questions:
(1) Automakers around the world are trying to catch up with Tesla. But are Tesla’s cars actually “good” in their stated mission to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy?

(2) What are Tesla’s cars actually made of and are those materials better than their gas guzzling competitors?

They follow up with a detailed breakdown of the many parts of a Tesla.

This detailed analysis reveals that Tesla’s decisions do demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. These choices are, in fact, good for the environment.

My fascination for their post is less about this specific breakdown. Instead, as I read this post, I began thinking about the many items we use in our lives and how they’d fare in such a thoughtful analysis.

Luckily, the Collaborative Fund team are thinking along the same lines and have promised a series of follow up posts breaking down other everyday objects.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn in these upcoming posts.

Much gratitude, team. Great work.