Internal confidence and Will

“Internal confidence comes from insight and proficiency” | Will Smith

I read Will Smith’s autobiography recently. It was refreshingly honest, vulnerable, and insightful. I appreciated this simple and powerful approach to thinking about confidence. It can’t be faked. We need to earn it.

The book had many such insights from Will’s career. His success as a rapper, then television actor, and then movie star had all the ups, downs, and challenges you’d expect. The common thread – outside of the usual doses of luck – was a sometimes-ridiculous amount of drive and grit. Will and his loyal team (many of whom have worked together for over 20 years) get an A for effort.

I also appreciated the refreshing honesty and vulnerability about his insecurities. The first few chapters of the book felt like it could have been written as an explanation to what might have driven that infamous Oscar slap.

I came away with many reflections about the nature of fame and success and the trade-offs that come with it.

One of the books of the year.