Taste the success once

Sport has seen many miraculous moments over the years that has seen teams come together and defy seemingly insurmountable odds. Ice Hockey fans might remember “The Miracle” game. Soccer fans might remember Leicester City winning the Premier League or Manchester United or Liverpool winning the Champions League with stunning comebacks.

For Indian cricket fans, the first such miraculous moment was when the Indian cricket team beat the mighty West Indian team in the 1983 World Cup finals. I relived these moments in a well-made movie titled “83.”

One of my favorite memories from the movie was around a quote that the team rallied around. It came from the legendary captain Kapil Dev who barely knew how to speak English. He said – “Like people says, taste the success once… tongue want more.”

The quote is the subject of some hilarious and then emotional moments (1:57 in this clip) in the movie.

Story aside though, it is a good quote. Notching up wins early in our time on any team lifts everyone’s game.

“Taste the success once” indeed.