Clarity and ticket bookings

I was booking some tickets recently and decided to check out ticket prices. As it happens sometimes, when I decided to get to booking it the next day, I saw a 6% price increase. What followed was fascinating.

I kept coming back to check ticket prices over the next couple of days without taking any follow up action.

A few such visits later, I asked myself a few questions:

(1) What are you expecting to happen?

(2) How long are you willing to wait to get the “right”/old price? Do you know if will?

(3) Are you in this to play the price arbitrage game and risk not booking on the flight you want?

(4) Is this worth it?

And my responses were

(1) Not sure.

(2) Not sure and I don’t.

(3) No.

(4) Probably not.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know that these were my answers – I think I did subconsciously. I knew I needed to get the bookings done. But asking those questions and verbalizing my responses gave me a lot of clarity.

When you find yourself spinning/taking consistent action without making progress, it nearly always is a result of a lack of clarity.

Take the time to pause and clarify it to yourself.

It is always worth the time.