Mo’ money, mo’ problems

A more expensive car costs more to insure than a cheaper car.

A 10-room mansion costs a lot more to maintain than a smaller home.

And the maintenance in both cases costs a lot more than just money. There’s a lot of mental investment that goes into their upkeep.

This might sound obvious. But I think it isn’t. That’s because we often focus on the “mo’ money” part without paying as much attention to more problems. That’s why it is human nature to think that the grass is greener on the other side – without necessarily paying attention to all the work and money that goes into maintaining the green grass.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt here about making mo’ money choices is that a combination of self-awareness and intentionality tends to serve us well.

There isn’t any good or bad judgment inherent in the choices we make. Some folks care deeply about owning a high-speed motorboat. If that gives them (or us) happiness, so be it. The key is understanding what we care about, spending our money on the things and experiences that give us the most happiness, and making peace with the costs.

So, it is true that mo’ money comes with mo’ problems. It is just on us to be self-aware of our willingness to deal with the problems and to be intentional about the kinds of problems we choose to solve.