Apple Fitness plus

One of my themes for the new year was to invest in better self-care systems. I’ve been paying attention to a few systems – sleep, diet, reading and exercise. And, as I head into the 4th week of the new year, I’m grateful to the folks at Apple Fitness plus for crafting an excellent product experience.

For ~$6.75/month (i.e., 2x cheaper than a Netflix subscription), you have access to a fantastic array of workouts with excellent trainers.

Apple Fitness Plus Price, Release Date, Features, and News

And, as with most things Apple, the integration across hardware and software – in this case with the Watch – is fantastic.

Apple Fitness | Apple Fitness Plus

As a result, I’ve gotten a 15 minute workout in most mornings thanks to the ease of doing so.

A product that I’ve loved using, that I hope to use more, and that is good for me.

Thank you, Fitness plus team.