Remote and hybrid opportunities

I shared a post earlier today on LinkedIn sharing some of the features our team has been working on to help jobseekers find remote and hybrid opportunities.

This was a fascinating project because it is a fascinating time for anyone interested in understanding the future of work. Here’s the short form version.

Many are taking a pause to re-think how and why they work, and are pursuing roles based on what they really want out of a job, like more flexibility. We’ve been hard at work to help people discover opportunities that match their on-site, hybrid and remote work preferences on LinkedIn. Here are 3 fascinating bits of early data:

(1) Of all job searches utilizing the new on-site/hybrid/remote filters, 65% are for remote jobs  
(2) Of new job postings featuring these workplace policies, 1 in 4 are remote (!).
(3) Of companies who have updated their Company Page with these policies so far, we’re seeing 45% list they are hybrid, 32% remote and 23% onsite.

We hope these features helps when you look for your next opportunity.

Much gratitude to the wonderful 100+ person team that came together to make this happen.

Every time I see the stats on remote, I’m reminded of just how much impact COVID-19 has had on the world. All our long-held assumptions about the need to show up at an office everyday to get work done have been overturned.

“The times they are a changin.”