Stoic notes – part II

In Stoic notes – part I, I shared 3 themes and accompanying reflections from my experience reading stoic philosophy.

I took another pass at synthesizing it recently. My hope was to bring the longer set of notes down to a list of 3-5 notes I could read at the start of every day. Below is that list.

1. Think about 3 amazing things you have that you will sorely miss. Remember the awesome power of luck in your life and don’t underestimate its ability to take what it has given. 

Then, give thanks for the riches you have – the riches that come from having enough.

2. Don’t chase fame or wealth. Both are fickle and move us further away from tranquility. Focus instead on virtues that matter to you and the game you are playing. Success – as you define it – ensues. 

3. Focus on what you control – keep laser focused on direction and process over short-term outcomes. Macro patience, micro speed.

4. Welcome minor discomforts – cold, hunger, and the pain that comes from stretching mentally or physically. Reach for those discomforts everyday by spending time in depth, exercising, reading, listening, and eating right.

5. You never know if a good day is a good day. It’s never as good or bad as it seems. The universe is unfolding as it should and we’re existential specks anyway. So, keep a sense of humor and keep plugging away.

To me, these get to the heart of stoicism – the ability to remove negative responses while enjoying the positive. I’m hopeful the act of recommitting to them every day will help me get better at living them.

In time.