Taste and hunger

We had a meal much later than we originally planned recently.

As I began gushing about how tasty the food was, my wife reminded me that the fare on the table was ordinary.

I was immediately reminded of an incident from a decade ago. We were in the midst of a trek in the Himalayas and had walked ~10 kilometers through steep terrain that day. As our group was slower than usual, lunch was delayed.

We eventually settled to eat in a small hut at the edge of a small army base. And, we were served… wait for it … boiled potatoes. There was some salt on a plate in case we wanted it. But, that’s about it.

It is hard to explain how tasty that meal was. Even after all these years, I vividly remember the happiness we all got from those boiled potatoes.

I’ve had many such meals since. That is one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed intermittent fasting over the past year as well.

The hungrier we are, the tastier the food on the table.

In food and in life.