Drought intensity

Eric Holthaus shared this chart with drought intensity in the Western United States.

For comparison, this was what this chart looked like last year.

We had a rough wildfire season last year. It looks like we’re in for a much tougher ride this year.

I’ve reflected on the similarities between the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis many a time in the past months. Both involve non-living agents (a virus, climate) that don’t discriminate between people who believe in it and who don’t. Both require global cooperation and science to ensure survival.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about COVID-19 of late – especially with the intensity of the crisis in India.

But, seeing these charts have reminded me that COVID-19 is a warm-up act in comparison to what lies ahead for all of us with the climate emergency in the coming years.

PS: A former colleague has started a weekly newsletter explaining the science behind the climate crisis in a very accessible way. If you’re interested, please head over to Climate Camp – thanks, Logan, for the good work.