The upside point

A perspective I hold and share often is the idea that, after a point, it’s all upside.

To me, that point is when we

  • are healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • have reliable income or wealth to afford a good roof over our heads, food/daily necessities, and some outlet/fun from time to time
  • love and respect in our close relationships

The interesting thing about this idea is that more of us are at this point than we realize. It’s just hard to recognize that when we’re stuck trying to maximize one of these areas. For most of us, that area tends to be our careers because the rewards are easily measurable.

It is totally fine if we intentionally choose to maximize our careers. Internalizing the upside idea just means we do it from a place of gratitude, security, and kindness.

It changes how we behave on and experience the journey.

And, in the final analysis, the journey is all we have.