Dan Goodman’s patient

Morgan Housel has been on a blogging tear over the past months. So much so that I was reflecting on why I love his posts so much.

I realized that it was came down to his penchant for telling captivating stories. He had a great post on the idea the importance of telling “the best story.” He clearly walks the talk.

Today, he had another great collection of stories. The one below stood out.

Dr. Dan Goodman once performed surgery on a middle-aged woman whose cataract had left her blind since childhood. The cataract was removed, leaving the woman with near-perfect vision. A miraculous success.

The patient returned for a checkup a few weeks later. The book Crashing Through writes:

Her reaction startled Goodman. She had been happy and content as a blind person. Now sighted, she became anxious and depressed. She told him that she had spent her adult life on welfare and had never worked, married, or ventured far from home – a small existence to which she had become comfortably accustomed. Now, however, government officials told her that she no longer qualified for disability, and they expected her to get a job. Society wanted her to function normally. It was, she told Goldman, too much to handle.

Every goal you dream about has a downside that’s easy to overlook.

Thank you for sharing as you do, Morgan.