Novelty and repetition

In the first decade of writing on this blog, I valued novelty. I used to try and share new notes and lessons and did my best to avoid overlap with old posts.

I did so because I thought that was the best way to push myself to absorb concepts. New ways of thinking, new patterns, etc.

In this second decade, the pendulum has swung the other way. While I don’t share duplicate posts (or at least haven’t as yet), I’ve changed my mind on repetition.

The most important lessons are the hardest to learn because they involve changing our habits. This doesn’t happen because we make a commitment on new year’s day. It happens because we commit to obsessing about this change. We then stumble and fail a hundred times, repeat that commitment to ourselves, and ensure we recommit every time.

So, novelty is helpful. But, if we’re obsessing about a change we’re seeking to make, repetition might be what we’re looking for.