The driver who was about to turn

I was on the bike lane approaching a traffic signal. There was a car well ahead of me about to turn right.

As the traffic signal and turn were still some distance away, the car could probably have completed the turn without any change in my pace. If I had to estimate the odds, my guess is that the probability I would need to brake to allow for the car to turn was 10%.

But, the car stopped to let me through.

That was very thoughtful of the driver.

It made me think about how I might have behaved in the same situation. And, I’d be willing to bet that I’d have just gone through as it was very likely there was going to be no impact on the bike.

But, as I bike a lot more now, I’m more appreciative of these little gestures as it is much easier to accelerate in a car vs. a bike. This driver’s gesture will impact how I behave in such situations going forward.

Walking a mile in another person’s shoes is powerful. Perspective makes us better humans.

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