Out of balance

I went through a few days with a more erratic routine than usual. There was a lot to do. Prioritizing getting this done meant more erratic meals, less hydration, and less sleep.

While that can work for a day or two, stretched over the course of a week meant I was feeling out of balance by the end of it.

I was reflecting on the results of this. And, I found a long list of stuff that could have been avoided – e.g., a couple of conversations where I was more emotional about something that happened than usual, absent mindedly leaving a credit card in a store an hour away, and a boil near the corner of my eye (lack of hydration).

I have no regrets about these mishaps. There’s no point regretting an outcome when you were all in on the process. I was doing what I thought was right. Being out of balance makes me appreciate just how smooth things are (relatively) when things are normal.

So, here’s to getting back to balance.