The right way to lift weights

Two years ago, a trainer at the gym explained I was lifting weights all wrong. I was taking the lazy approach and bending to lift weights instead of squatting.

This didn’t apply just to weights at the gym of course. I was clearly doing this at home too.

A good friend was spending time with a physiotherapist at the same time as he was recovering from issues with his knee. This physio recommended the same approach for routine tasks at home as well – e.g. loading the dishwasher. He shared this lesson with me at about the same time.

I remember writing about it after these conversations hoping to change how I lifted weights and take better care of my back and knees.

Prior to learning this approach, I used to experience occasional pain in the back after lifting something heavy for a sustained period or after a long bout of ironing.

Luckily, their advice stuck with me and I’ve done my best to avoid the lazy approach to lifting things since. And, in the two following years, such instances/pain/niggles have almost entirely disappeared.

Massive impact.