The trouble tree routine

I read a story about “the trouble tree” over a decade ago that has stuck with me.

David’s plumber had just had a rough day. He had a flat tyre on his way to work, his drill quit and his truck refused to start. David drove the distraught man home.

Just before they entered home, the plumber paused briefly at a tree, touching its tips. He then opened the door and underwent an amazing transformation. He hugged his kids, kissed his wife and was all smiles!

Afterwards, when David was walking out, he asked his plumber about his behavior. The plumber he said – ‘Everyday, I leave all my work troubles at the tree before walking in. The funny thing is when I come in the morning to pick them up, there aren’t as many as I left.’

I love this idea and it has stayed with me despite my many attempts at finding a similar routine.

Or perhaps because of it.

I don’t have a solution that works as well as yet. But, I hope to get there. It was time for a reminder.