Perspective and hugs

Thank you for being part of this learning journey in 2021. ALearningaDay email is my favorite email – so, thank you for writing back when you do, for sharing your feedback and encouragement, and for your attention. It means more than I can say.

My wishes for all of us in 2021 are – plenty of perspective and plenty of hugs.

Perspective because there are few better gifts we can give ourselves. We all dealt with a lot in 2020. 2021 will have its own fair share of twists and turns before we all get vaccinated. And, when it gets inevitably challenging, it helps to remember that having a steady job and/or a cash buffer in our bank account is an incredible privilege at this time. It means our lives are sometimes challenging, rarely difficult, and never hard. So much to be grateful for.

And, plenty of hugs is what I imagine in a post vaccinated world. It’s been a rough start to the vaccination process in many parts of the world. But, I’m optimistic about progress. Fingers crossed.

The new year is a milestone. An arbitrary one at that. But, milestones like these remind us that we have the opportunity to take stock, reset, and recommit. They remind us that it is okay to stumble on commitments that matter. We now have an opportunity to hit refresh and simply begin again.

This won’t be the last refresh either. Any commitment worth making is a commitment that we’ll struggle with and stumble. That’s when we’ll have to remind ourselves of the true lesson from this (or any) milestone.

We don’t need to wait for the next milestone. We can… simply begin again.

Here’s to doing that whenever we need it in 2021.