Mind blown

I started reading Debt by David Graeber yesterday. I am still making my way through the second chapter and I am already mind blown.

In the first chapter, he made me questions my pre-conceived notions about debt. And, in the half of second chapter so far, he’s begun methodically taking apart the story we’ve been told about money evolving from the barter system.

After years of thinking about barter as the origin of money, I’ve begun to appreciate the flaws in this explanation brought to light by years of rigorous anthropological study.

Again, mind blown.

A decade ago, I remember reading a note about reading in a Robin Sharma book (ha – very meta) that resonated. The idea (paraphrased) was – “Somewhere out there is a book that will change your life. You just don’t know which. So, keep reading”

A decade later, the only quibble I have with this quote is that it grossly underestimates the impact great books can have on our lives.

Books have changed my life multiple times over the years. And they have done so at a frequency that has been unmatched by any other source of learning.