It cannot be COVID

A close someone who works in a diagnostic lab in India shared a story of a father and a 30 or so year old son who walked into the lab recently.

The son was suffering from breathlessness. Everyone in the lab immediately suspected he was suffering from COVID-19 and suggested they test him immediately.

The father, however, had other ideas. Despite a doctor’s recommendation a week earlier to get a COVID test and X-rays, he decided to dither for an extra week. It cannot be COVID, right? Who knows if it is even real?

After folks in the lab insisted they proceed with a test, he reluctantly agreed.

The test confirmed everyone’s suspicions and the boy was finally rushed to a hospital.

Sadly, it came too late. He died a few hours later.

Then, there was another story from a family friend’s wedding. Even though they tried keeping to family only, someone showed up with a fever. They tested positive for COVID the next day.

A majority of the group then tested positive the following day.

But, somehow, when an elder in the family complained of fever and breathing trouble, they attributed it to something else.

Two days later, they finally took the elder to the hospital. She passed away within an hour of being admitted.

Sadly, I’ve heard many similar stories in the past months. They all involve one or more people in the family refusing to believe it could be a case of COVID-19. Their favorite politician told them not to worry after all.

I feel very bad for the families of these folks. It is a sad consequence of blind faith in leaders who lie about the dangers of what we’re facing for their own personal benefit.

Denying a physical reality is nearly always a bad idea.