Things are often not what they seem

A Netflix drama we’ve enjoyed watching over the years is “The Crown.” It does a nice job telling the story of the life of Queen Elizabeth.

There are a few lessons I’ve taken away from the show over the years. None, however, have hit home more often than the idea that things are often not what they seem.

The latest reminder of that idea was in a powerful episode that told the story of the aftermath of Prince Charles’ proposing to the late Princess Diana. The episodes starts with Diana’s delight at her good luck. She describes the proposal as the happiest moment of her life, celebrates it with her friends, and is giddy with excitement.

By the end of the episode, she begins to suspect that there’s little love in the marriage and begins to feel lonely and depressed.

The arc of the episode is beautiful. It is characteristically subtle and understated – a powerful example of great storytelling.

The lesson hits home as well.

Things are often not what they seem.