Soaking in lessons

My notes for the day in the past four days came from one speech.

I wouldn’t have done this a few years back. I would have posted all four anecdotes in one day.

It is one speech after all. Why does it need four posts?

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of soaking in lessons. I could have shared all four stories in one post but I’d have forgotten about them just as quickly. By thinking about these lessons every day for four days, I’ve absorbed them better.

It can’t end here either. I need to re-tell these stories a few times to others and write about them some more. Assuming I do that, maybe, just maybe, I’ll remember them at a time when I need them.

Maybe I’ll remember that I shouldn’t get too upset about being a sugar cookie for the day or to sing when I’m up to my neck in mud.

And then maybe I’ll remember these stories again in a similar situation the next time. And again.

I will only have learnt these powerful lessons when they become part of how I operate. To learn and not to do is not to learn.

Soaking in them is a helpful first step in that process.