Growing up in South India, summer fruits always had a place in my heart.

Mangoes were always special. Watermelons were a highlight in the scorching heat. And, watermelon juice was thus a treat. So was lemon juice – with a pinch of salt – after a game outside. Nature’s gatorade.

Since we moved to the United States, we’ve added other summer fruits to our list – blueberries and grapes have been climbing up the list.

But, my favorite new discovery over the past couple of years has been a new fall fruit I’ve come to love – persimmons. As wonderful as mangoes and watermelons are, eating either requires a fair bit of effort.

Persimmons, on the other hand, can be eaten as easily as an apple – but are (arguably) much tastier. They have the right amount of firmness and are filling.

So, I’m feeling especially grateful for persimmons today. They make fall extra special.