Upload speed

Internet service providers focus our attention on download speed when they advertise their plans.

Download speed is important. If you’re attempting to stream or download a movie, for example, download speed will ensure it happens quickly.

But, if you’re using the internet for video calls as so many of us are, it helps to pay as much attention to the upload speed.

We felt the effects of this recently as we realized our upload speeds were resulting in blurry videos for our parents. And, it was a fascinating journey to figure out how to get to a plan with a higher upload speed as the Xfinity/Comcast page on internet plans had no information on download speed.

After a call to the customer service number, we learnt that their tiers are 100/5 MBPS (Download/Upload), 300/5, 600/15, and so on. As we were on the 100 MBPS plan, this means an upgrade to the 300 MBPS plan would have done nothing for us. The 600/15 plan was the solution as a result.

And, it has made a massive difference in video call quality.

Win. :-)