Impatience and the vacuum sealed container

A good friend shared an anecdote from her attempts at opening up a vacuum sealed container recently.

The process involves inverting the container into water being heated on a stove. After about 2 minutes, the heat expands the seal enough for the container to be opened.

Except, this time, she was in a hurry.

So, she tried taking it out quicker than usual.

No go.

So, she put it back in for a bit and took it out.

Again, no go.

After a few more attempts, she finally got it out.

She then reflected on how her unusual impatience had lengthened the process – the opposite of the intended outcome.

I found myself chuckling when I heard this. Unlike her, I’m guilty of impatience far more often and I’ve been guilty of doing this sort of thing more often than I like to admit.

I like to think the frequency of such incidents is far lower than it used to be.

Anecdotes like this remind me to make sure that is the case in reality.

PS: In case you’re curious, the container she was eager to open was of this pretty awesome Honey Citron Ginger tea. :-)