The sinusoidal nature of events

Every few weeks, I find myself marveling at the sinusoidal nature of events.

If last week ended poorly, the probability that this week ended better is high.

If two weeks went unexpectedly well, I can bet that there’ll be a regression to the mean in the following week. And vice versa.

This consistent flow of ups and downs is powerful in its ability to inspire growth, humility, and equanimity once we notice it.

It teaches us that ups and downs are a part of life. That joy wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t for the pain and frustration. And that there’s no point getting high or low about any particular day’s events.

Feelings come and go. Change is constant. And, in the long run, our ability to show up, expect problems, stay centered, and keep plugging away amidst all the change and uncertainty is about the only thing that counts.